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Winner of best plant decoration 2015

Each year, the industry association Nordic Green chooses one plant furnishing solution that has been outstandingly creative and original. During the annual meeting held recently, the company Levande Interiör was awarded for an installation done at Halmstad University.

- Levande interiör won this year’s award because of several factors. Above all, they presented a solution to a relatively ”simple” case, but they did it in a very creative, innovative och different way. The winner was selected after careful consideration by the industry itself. Levande interiör has every reason to be proud, says Sigbjørn Furmyr, Chairman in Nordic Green.

The industry association Nordic Green includes members in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The competition entries was based on the criteria of design, functionality, material and choice of plants and that they must be creative and innovative. The purpose of the contest is to inspire members of Nordic Green, but also reward the industry’s best solutions for plant decor.

- The fact that Levande interiör has received the award twice, shows that they deliver great solutions over time. I think that their secret is that they have very talented employees, says Sigbjørn Furmyr.

The installation at Halmstad University is one of several successful interior design solutions. School facilities are now adorn by an eight-meter high plant wall, several small plant wall decors, a pair of big trees and several floor plants. Both teachers and students have expressed their appreciation for the new interior.

- We have received many reactions to the new plant interior. Many expresses positive comments and are fascinated by the concept of ”Levande interiör”. What a great company name! The building now more looks more complete, says Jette Trolle-Schultz Jensen, director of studies in sociology at the University of Halmstad. Based in Skåne and Halland, Levande interiör’s primary mission is to improve working environments by including plants, aquarium and fruit baskets. The costumer can also choose from different floor plants, large trees, wall plants, window plants and moss boards. In addition to the green plants, there are also several options such as pots, aquariums and water decorations.

- Plants and water decorations in the workplace contributes a lot to the environment of the room. The green environment reduces stress, helps creativity, cleans the air from pollution, absorbs sound and binds dust. I’m very passionate about bringing the nature indoors and make people feel good when they are at work, says Anders Jönsson, CEO at Levande interiör.

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Best plant decoration 2013

Levande interiör are very proud that our plant project at Galleria Boulevard in Kristianstad was awarded "Best plant decoration 2013" in Scandinavia. It is the association of plant interior designers in Scandinavia, Nordic Green, who made this award. Nordic Green yearly appoints plant decoration based on the criteria of design, functionality, material and choice of plants.

Plant cylinders are purpose-built with a idea from Fojab architects. Levande interiör designed and delivered the entire installation with the help of our partner Vertical Plant Systems and Project Manager of Space in Order. We are also for the complete operation and maintenance, including plant warranty. Plant cylinders are built with the same technology and irrigation systems that we use in our plant walls.

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